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Freddy Vilches

Freddy Vilches

Freddy Vilches is a Latin guitarist and composer who plays a unique blend of traditional and contemporary music from Latin America. He performs a mix of styles ranging from relaxed ballads and soothing melodies of Andean panpipes to the danceable rhythms of contemporary Cuban music.

Appealing to audiences of all ages, his performances create an atmosphere where English-speaking audiences are given a taste of Latin popular culture, and Hispanic audiences may share and celebrate their exciting musical legacy.

Freddy joined the faculty of Lewis & Clark College as Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies in 2006. He received his PhD in Romance Languages at the University of Oregon, specializing in Latin American Literature of the 20th and 21st Centuries. His principal research interests include Southern Cone literature, connections between literature and popular culture, Latin American testimonial writing, and detective fiction.

His teaching experience covers all levels of language instruction and Latin American Literature, as well as an interdisciplinary course on Music in Latin American Cultures. 

He has published articles on Latin American poetry and fiction. Currently, he is working on a manuscript on the use of poetry in the Chilean New Song Movement, and articles on the Chilean and Latin American detective novels.